What We Do

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Our mission

  • To help reduce the number of stray and abandoned dogs and cats in need of help in the area by taking care of them and trying to find them permanent homes. It is not out policy to take in healthy stray dogs and cats, unless there is a need to get them of the streets.
  • To reduce dog and cat overpopulation through neutering
  • To increase public awareness with regard to these and other animal welfare issues

What we do

  • Assist as many stray, abandoned and unwanted dogs and cats as we can
  • Find new homes for those in our care
  • Arrange veterinary treatment and sterilisation
  • Only euthanise an animal when there is no alternative

How we do it

  • Our activities are entirely run by volunteers
  • They help at the shelter, work in our fundraising outlets, and provide support in many other ways.
  • We work with veterinary and other agencies and experts in animal welfare
  • We liaise with colleagues in Holland and the UK on re-homing animals in our care

Our approach

  • We assist as many stray, abandoned and unwanted animals in our immediate area as resources allow
  • We never sacrifice any animal in our care that is medically and behaviourally sound
  • Our end goal is to put as many dogs and cats as possible into permanent, adoptive homes


  • We receive no statutory funding: we rely entirely on donations
  • We need regular donations and people to support our fundraising outlets
  • We seek the support of major funding bodies, businesses and individuals
  • We organise and promote various fundraising activities throughout the year

Environmental policy

We recognise that our environmental impact and sustainability are an important part of our ethical policy. We have an environmental policy which seeks to make the minimum impact in all our operating activities, including:

  • Preserving endangered species and animals threatened with extinction in our local area
  • Making full use of recycled products and donated second-hand goods wherever we can
  • Cutting down on office needs and the waste of paper
  • Monitoring and reducing energy usage throughout the organisation
  • Encouraging all our volunteers to work better with less and make suggestions on how we can further reduce our costs

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