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This sweet little old lady is urgently looking for a kind person to spend her last years with.
Amelia had an owner who simply upped and left one day, leaving her behind. She was neutered thanks to PAWS-PATAS and various neighbours fed her over the years. She was doing fine while she was younger but there comes a point when elderly cats just cannot cope on the street without badly deteriorating. We got a call to say she had lost a ton of weight and was not eating, looking very weak and poorly. We got Amelia down to the vet, they treated her for an infection, took out some teeth and she's now doing great. A lady was going to keep her at home but has had a sudden drastic change in circumstances and cannot have her. Amelia
really cannot go back onto the busy street she lived on. Several times she has nearly been hit by the boy racers as she cannot move fast enough now. She is very affectionate and really just needs a safe spot with a warm bed and a bit of love and food. As you know, the situation is critical at the shelter which means she has no place to go. Could you give this sweet little creature a space in your heart for her last years? Please email: [email protected] if you can help.

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