Thanks for neutering cats in my village

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I contacted PawsPatas in summer 2021 because in the village where I go on holiday there was a problem with cats overpopulation. The neighbours were overwhelmed and not only they killed newborn kitties but tried to starve adults to death.

I felt devastated to see how much the cats were suffering so I had to do something.
I contacted PawsPatas and I got a prompt answer. They helped us with the CER method, and in a few weeks the village's cats were neutered.

I went back there in summer 2022 and the cats' population is stable and under control. After seeing how much Paws worked there, the villagers are more conscious and everyone is making an effort to feed the remaining cats knowing they can't reproduce any longer.

Many thanks for your help guys!!! You really made a difference.

Ana Mañas

Las Buganvillias

Mojacar Bargains

Mojacar Playa

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