Shelter Koningen Showcases PAWS on It Annual Open Day

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paw Dierenprovang Koningen, PAWS main homing partner in Holland, turned over its promotional spot to PAWS at their annual Open Day.  It was held on World Animal Day, and PAWS Dutch liaison officer Renée Fortuin was on hand to give a talk and answer questions.  Given that many who attended had adopted PAWS dogs over the past three years, this was very well received.

The dogwalk was a great success, the stall holders happy to see so many Diernprovang Koningen supporters, and there were representatives of other animal charities with whom PAWS collaborates.

Many of our own former dogs were on display, happy to pose for photographs.  Among them was Reina who has a special place in PAWS hearts.  She spent five years at the PAWS shelter in Spain, and we had almost despaired of her ever finding a home.  She went on one of the first transports to Dierenprovang Koningen – and found a home straight away.

renee reina
astric veccio

Renee Fortuin greeting old friend Reina (left) and Astrid Koningen with Veccio "living the life of Riley"

paw Another old friend was Veccio, described by PAWS vet Ellen as as old as Methusela! and believed to be oldest dog ever admitted to the shelter.  Astrid Koningen herself adopted Veccio and he’s still going strong and living the life of Riley in Astrid’s adjoining home. Below is a collage of the photos from a very successful day.

koningen collage


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