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We received this wonderful email and wanted to share it with you
A year and a half ago we adopted a cat from Spain. 
Ever since we visited the kittens of a friend of ours the curiosity of how Peanut (we call her Fien) looked like as a kitten grew. 
We decided to check her passport to see where she came from and that's how we found PAWS-PATAS. We went back on Facebook to the time when Fien would have been found and then we saw her. I recognized her sassy look immediately! So since I now know who rescued her I wanted to thank you all for giving all the animals you rescue a second chance on a better life.
Here are some pictures of how Fien looks like now. I'll also add the pictures from you so you'll know which cat she is.
Keep up the amazing work!
Lots of love!
Annemeike and Fien

Las Buganvillias

Mojacar Bargains

Mojacar Playa

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