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Life happens whilst making the saying goes. Plans happen for PAWS-PATAS when funds allow! The Animal Shelter which was founded 32 years ago receives no statutory funding and exists solely on generous donations. The opening of a new outlet and Information Centre in Turre has been a dream in the pipeline for a very long time and PAWS-PATAS are extremely excited that this idea has finally come to fruition. The outlet and Information Centre is open Monday - Saturday...10:30 - 13:30.

Veteran volunteer, Janet Franklin has witnessed major changes during her decades with the charity; holding a variety of positions on the Executive Committee. Her main passion apart from keeping a beady eye on the accounts and expenses is re-homing cats and dogs overseas in Holland and the UK. “It’s so heartwarming” enthuses Janet “receiving photos, videos and happy stories, especially knowing that the animal may have led an unfortunate, sad and often abusive life. Their unconditional love is truly astonishing and holds no boundaries”. Janet has wanted to have an Information Centre for many years and is extremely excited at the prospect of dealing with the public and being able to help with questions and concerns.

Another incredibly important breakthrough is also having a base for our TNR feral cat campaign...Trapping - Neutering - Returning. Babs Williams, another long term committee member who also works closely with the Director of WVS (World Veterinary Service) in the UK brings a huge amount of knowledge and information to the PAWS-PATAS table. Babs is liaising with many cat colony feeders within the area that we cover in the hope of stopping so many kittens being born into starvation, disease and a painful death. “Being able to help and educate people is a great positive giant step for PAWS-PATAS” says Babs “and I am really looking forward to conquering this problem and assisting people in trapping and ensuring we can have and maintain healthy, controlled colonies”.

Finally a MASSIVE PAWS-PATAS THANK YOU TO MICHAEL WHITE who has kindly redesigned our website for free...check him out on

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