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Various municipal councils in Spain have long been battling to keep their streets free of dog messes introducing ingenious ways to punish or shame irresponsible pet owners, but Seville City Council, in March 2020 took it a step further when it announced measures to force owners to carry bottles of disinfectant to rinse spots after their pets urinate, whether their animal has cocked its leg on a lamppost or doused a wall or pavement.

The Local Police were given the authority to sanction pet owners who weren’t carrying disinfectant solution and fine those who fail to rinse away their dog’s wee.

In July 2020, according to a news story from the city of Almeria also brought the measure into force, insisting owners could rinse away their pets urine with a solution of water and vinegar.

Other towns across Spain appear to have introduced various measures to try and rid their streets of dog messes, including hiring private detectives, testing DNA collected from excrement, and installing a giant inflatable poo to raise awareness.

It recently came to our attention that this rule now may be in force in Vera as a customer in our Turre outlet advised that she had been fined 75 Euros for not rinsing off her dog pee from the street. Interestingly, when she went to pay the fine at the bank, staff had never encountered this kind of fine before.

We are struggling to get any clear information as to the actual ruling.

Can anyone out there provide any further information?

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