Muna (Hope) Appeal - Final update

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paw Muna has had her eye surgery and is recovering really well. She is still being monitored in the clinic but is about to go back to her foster family. Her puppies have all been found homes – two in Holland and one in the UK – and will travel as soon as their vaccinations has been completed.This successful outcome is 100% down to the many PAWS supporters who responded so wonderfully to our appeal. THANK YOU! 

muna post op.

Please help save Muna's eyes - Update


PAWS supporters reacted so swiftly to the appeal that the money for Muna's operation was raised within two days of being posted here and on the PAWS main and Dutch Facebook pages. The appeal is now closed. A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO ALL WHO CONTRITUED SO GENEROUSLY.

In fact we received more than €1,000 in total. The surplus will go towards Muna's spaying and vaccinations, and the care of her pups.PAWS supporters responded with their usual generosity and compassion. We could not provide the service we do without you. Thank you!!

paw Muna was found by a PAWS volunteer, abandoned with three pups. They’ve been named Maya, Mora and Miko, and are now in PAWS foster care. The pups are not even three months yet but already weigh 17 kg. Muna has Entropion, in-growing eyelashes on her lower lids, and both eyes are being constantly scratched. Left untreated, entropion can cause damage to the transparent covering in the front part of the eye, eye infections and vision loss.

She needs swift medical attention. She is having ointment three times a day but needs an operation which will cost €350.  A special fund has been set up to pay for this - If you can help then please make a donation to PAWS and mark it “Muna operation.” You can use any of the normal methods below:

paw In Spain or Continental Europe: bank transfer to PAWS Patas:

IBAN: ES7630580186342720002653 - BIC-SWIFT: CCRIES2A
at Cajamar Bank, 04639 Los Gallardos, Almeria, Spain
- Please email pawsenquiries@gmail.comand tell us if you have made a transfer, otherwise we can't acknowledge receipt of the money.

You can set up a monthly standing order to PAWS Patas - email You will be sent a form and details of how to complete it.

In UK - bank transfer to:

Bank:  HSBC, Fordingbridege.   40-38-21  11436899 (payable to PAWS UK)
IBAN: GB86MIDL40382111436899 - SWIFT/BIC: MIDLGB2121

muna pups
Maya and Mora, two of Muna's mastin pups

paw Muna is a very attentive mum, wanting to care for her pups – but she came to PAWS in a very depleted state and much too skinny.  These four are among 23 dogs abandoned in 11 days, the other 19 just dumped outside the shelter.  They all have to be examined, treated and medicated – a lot of expense.  But we want to relieve Muna’s suffering as soon as possible.


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