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Bump was found by one of our volunteers in the middle of the road having been hit by a car. She rushed her to the vet who, after x-rays, confirmed a broken back leg. A splint to keep the bones aligned, painkillers and anti inflammatory's too, and Bump was then safely housed in our volunteer's spare bedroom until she saw the specialist.

It was a big day for Bump when she went to the Alicante vet hospital.

We were quoted €1300 for a titanium plate but we could not afford that, so the alternative was an  external fixation at a cost of €700.

Back home with her foster mum and doing well, she had a little sore throat/cough from the tube put in during the operation but Bump is making a good recovery and eating well.

She has now had the splint removed and is relying on the two pins holding the broken bone. 

A big thank you to everyone who contributed towards the costs - where would we be without our loyal supporters 

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