Long Term Fostering

Would you like to help a shelter dog that has been through a difficult time, left at our gates through no fault of their own, or was left to die on the streets? Would you like to give a dog like this a second chance for a happy life in a loving home where he/she can spend their days, but worried about the cost? We have a long term foster plan for some of our dogs that have been in the shelter for too long, or that have long-term medication conditions needing treatment or they are just old, and can’t find a home. PAWS-PATAS will cover all medical costs and for any animal with special dietary requirements, food will be provided too. Through our special long term foster scheme you can give a dog the happy life that he/she deserves but you don’t have to worry about veterinary costs. There are a limited number of dogs on this foster plan, ideally we do not want these dogs to spend the rest of their lives in a shelter; We want them to experience a real home. Let us find lovely homes for the forgotten dogs. If you would like to help us with the long term foster plan please contact [email protected] Thank you

Las Buganvillias

Mojacar Bargains

Mojacar Playa

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