Save the Kittens

It’s kitten season again and so far more than 30 new-born kittens have arrived at the Cattery. It’s heart-breaking to see so many young lives hanging in the balance as a result of unwanted litters and the potential for life-threatening conditions to spread. All PAWS-PATAS can do is try its hardest to nurture these young lives and find suitable homes for when the kittens are ready to be settled. It’s an expensive business looking after cats in our care: with the necessity for veterinary involvement to vaccinate, de-parasite and perhaps neuter if kittens are not homed before they are 6 months old, costs us around 150€ per kitten. And that does not take into account special food and milk (which is expensive) or litter, nappies, etc.

Appealing though these kittens are, the responsibility involved in looking after young animals (or any animals, come to that) means we have to be very careful to ensure they are going to the right homes. We continue to need more people to offer homes to our latest batch of kittens. If you feel you could do so – or foster for a while until permanent homes are found – we should be delighted to hear from you. Equally – if you could make a donation to help with the costs mentioned above, we should be very grateful. And we always need more volunteers to assist in the Cattery.

If you think you can help in any way, please contact the Cattery on
627 835 109 / 600 664 464 or email
Please go to our donation page and select the Save the Kittens fund.