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We need to raise € 9,500 every month to cover our basic running cost and vet bills.

Veterinary consultation

€7.40 per vet consultation per animal

Cat blood test

€25.00 per test per animal

Dog blood test

€35.00 per test per animal

Telephone & internet for 1 month


Dog rabies vaccination, microchip & passport

€48.00 per per animal

Neutering a male cat


Cat rabies vaccination, microchip & passport


Neutering a female cat


Kitten vaccination


Neutering a dog


Puppy vaccination


Shelter water for 1 month


Shelter elctricity for 1 month



Paypal is great for donations, quick and easy and you don’t have to have a PayPal account, you can simply pay with your debit or credit card. For monthly donations a PayPal account requiered. *If you have a PayPal account, by marking your donation as “A gift to PAWS-PATAS”, we will receive your full donation without any deduction or handling charge. * Not available in all countries
  • Bank transfer to PAWS-PATAS in Spain or Continental Europe:
Cajamar Bank,
04639 Los Gallardos,
IBAN: ES7630580186342720002653

If you require a receipt please email: [email protected] 

  • By Post:

Send a € cheque or money orderto:

The Treasurer:
Apartado de Correos 627
04638, Playa de Mojácar
Please do not send less than $25 or £25 or less (sterling or dollar) cheques to our account in SPAIN
Our Spanish bank charges a blanket commission on all foreign currency cheques, and your donation becomes devalued.
(SMALL donations in sterling or dollars would be more effective if sent by one of the online methods above).
  • Membership:

By becoming a member you can become involed with the organisation, get regular updates and help us fund our income that we so desparately need. For more on Membership, please click HERE.

  • Cash Donation:

If you live in the Mojácar / Los Gallardos area, call into one of our fund raising outlets or shelter to make your donation there. Leave your name and contact details if you would like a receipt.

  • Bequeathing something in your will:

Let your caring for abandoned and mistreated animals carry on working after you are gone! It does not need to be a large sum – any bequest, however small, can be put to very good use.

There are many animal rescue charities which use the wordPAWSin their title. To avoid confusion with other organisation after you are no longer around to clarify the intended benefactor please mention our title, address and charity registration number:

Apartado de Correos 627
04638, Playa de Mojácar
Spanish Charity registration No. 4-1-1928

If you need any further information, please email:[email protected]

  • Non-monetary donations:

By donating items, such as clothes, CD’s, books, household items etc. in good condition to our Fund Raising Outlets.

Las Buganvillias

Mojacar Bargains

Mojacar Playa

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