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Here at PAWS-PATAS, we´re celebrating our first doggie bridesmaid!

Skye (formerly Serena), came into our shelter in September 2019 with 8 puppies.The poor girl was struggling to feed them all, but with lots of love, good food & help with her pups, she  blossomed into the beautiful girl she is today, her puppies all found lovely homes and the best news off all is so did she.!

Sophie from the UK saw her on our website,fell in love with her & was determined she was going to be hers.

After some gentle persuasion, Tom, Sophie’s partner, also agreed to let Skye join their happy Family. So in December 2019, Skye left our shelter for the very last time to start her new amazing life in the UK.

From then on she has lived the fairy tale life she could only ever dream of when she was living on the streets of Spain, everyday a struggle just to survive & keep her babies safe.

On the 9th July 2022 Sophie & Tom exchanged their wedding vows at their doggie day care centre “Just Dogs” in Sparrow Pit in the Peak District with one very special lady was centre stage with their other 4 beloved dogs, Whiskey, Jet, Mabel & Belle!

So huge congratulations to Mr & Mrs Tom Barcilon and as for Skye, we at PAWS-PATAS  are so very proud of you & so happy for the fabulous life you now have!

Go to our website to see all of the dogs and cats we have available to rehome, and find out how you can help by donating, fostering or volunteering.

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