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PAWS-PATAS Animal Charity is extremely lucky to have a strong team of local volunteers looking after the kittens, cats, puppies and dogs at the shelter. Everyday they have an enormous amount of cleaning, watering and feeding to attend to; plus continually washing bedding, administering medication, organising many vet runs, liaising with fosterers, home checks and then the most happiest of duties...completing adoption forms!

Then of course, there is the general up-keep of the shelter. Mending fencing, bolts and locks. Erecting shading and attempting to maintain a secure and safe working environment. This where YOU COME IN! The last major GROUND FORCE weekend was held in October 2018. Since then, due to lack of man power and especially encountering the stumbling block of Covid-19 which prevented overseas volunteers travelling and staying with us, it has been an impossible task to keep the shelter in the ship shape condition we wish for.

We need help with weeding, trimming, pruning, clearing/moving unwanted building materials plus lighter duties; sorting out bags of donated bedding and organising the laundry storage room. We will have skips on site and if you are in the possession of and “can control” a chain saw or mini JCB digger that would be an amazing bonus to help clear the ever expanding bamboo.

Bring your gloves, secateurs, strimmers and sensible shoes and we will provide sandwiches, sausages, soft drinks, friendship and fun. The major and orderly “clean-up” will be on the weekend of Saturday 20 November: 10:00 - 17:00 (buffet and drinks) Sunday 21 November: 10:00 - 15:00 (BBQ and drinks) Vegetarians catered for on both days)

For further information and to confirm if you can help; be it for 1 hour, 5 or more...we greatly appreciate any spare time you can offer...please email: The shelter is situated between Los Gallardos and Turre and the location and map is on our website:

Las Buganvillias

Mojacar Bargains

Mojacar Playa

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