We finished 2016 on a sad note at the cattery as we had to say goodbye to one of our long-term residents, Jilly, as she had kidney failure.

Jilly was abandoned outside the PAWS Mojacar shop in 2012 and although she received a lot of kindness from the volunteers, often sitting with them outside on their tea break, the other cats in the colony there never really accepted her and she was often chased away by the younger, stronger ones, taking refuge in the rubber trees which used to be there.

In time, Jilly’s beautiful tricolour coat began to deteriorate and she was losing a lot of weight so she was taken to the vet, everyone fearing the worst thinking she might have feline aids or leukaemia.  Thankfully she tested negative to both diseases and was diagnosed with a gum disease and flea bite allergy.  This poor cat was not suited to a life on the street so we took her to the cattery where she recuperated well and began to settle into cattery life.  We used to bring her in special soft food which she loved and she grew to enjoy being brushed, rubbing around our legs asking for more attention.

Because her gum complaint was chronic and she needed regular monthly injections to combat it, we knew that it was most unlikely that we would be able to find her a forever home but it didn’t matter to Jilly ~ we were her family and the cattery was her home …. she was loved by everyone, people and cats alike.  We never knew how old Jilly was, but she was our grand old lady of the cattery and it will never be quite the same without her.