Every Healthy Dog Will Find Their 'Golden Basket'

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SPENCER came to the PAWS shelter in spring 2010, having been found wandering the streets of Antas. At that time he was already 7 years old.Untitled  

Denise from Dogwatch in the UK, an organisation working closely with PAWS, was determined that Spencer should have his 'golden basket': after 5 long years, along came Maria in Birmingham. Maria, a close neighbour of Denise’s, was saying how sad they were that they had lost their dog and that they really wanted a replacement that would not overwhelm their daughter (she has MS). The family have always loved and owned dogs: was this Spencer's opportunity to find his ‘golden basket’?
Spencer seemed very laid-back and gentle in the shelter – at last this looked like a perfect match. He quickly became the daughter's constant companion, waiting outside her bedroom and the bathroom. His favourite place is beside her wheelchair (unless, of course, he is allowed on the sofa!).   But as for the 'quiet dog’, he takes Maria for a very energetic walk at a rapid pace every morning. The neighbours report seeing this ‘white streak’ heading down the street, which is Spencer with Maria trying to keep pace with him!
But all is perfect, and Maria’s daughter cannot now be without Spencer’s company.


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