European Convention for the Protection of Pet Animals in Andalucia Spain

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Non-compliance and fines

Non-compliance of a Very Serious nature

Punishable with a fine of 2,001 to 30,000 euros are the following:

  • The mistreatment of animals that causes them disability or death.
  • The abandonment of animals.
  • The use of animals at parties or shows in which they may be the object of damage, suffering, unnatural treatment, mistreatment or in which the sensibility of the spectator may be injured.
  • The organization of fights with and between animals.
  • The cession by any title of premises, land or facilities for the celebration of fights with and between animals.
  • The use of animals by their owners or owners for their participation in fights.
  • The filming with animals of scenes that involve cruelty or mistreatment when the damage is not simulated.
  • The use of live animals for the training of others.

Serious Non-compliance

Punishable with a fine of 501 to 2,000 euros are the following:

  • The mistreatment of animals that cause pain or suffering or non-disabling injuries.
  • Do not perform vaccinations and mandatory treatments.
  • Do not keep the animals in good hygienic-sanitary conditions or under the conditions established by the applicable regulations.
  • Do not provide the animals with the necessary veterinary assistance.
  • Do not provide the animals with the adequate food for their needs.
  • The use of animals in exhibitions that cause them suffering or pain.
  • The breeding or commercialization of animals without fulfilling the corresponding requirements.
  • Assistance to fights with animals.
  • Sale or donation of animals to those under 16 years of age or incapacitated without the authorization of the person with parental authority, custody or guardianship.
  • Offer animals as a reward or reward in contests or for advertising purposes.
  • Street vending outside authorized facilities, fairs or markets.
  • The possession of animals not registered or identified in accordance with the provisions of this Law.
  • Prevent qualified personnel from accessing the facilities of the establishments provided for in the Animal Protection Law, as well as not providing the information and documentation required in the exercise of the control functions.
  • Failure by veterinary centers and centers for the sale, training and temporary care of companion animals of the requirements and conditions established in the Law or regulations of development.
  • The sale of mammals as pets younger than forty days.
  • The sale of sick animals when there is evidence of it.

The refusal or obstruction to provide data or provide the information required by the competent Authorities or their agents, as well as the provision of inaccurate information or false documentation.
In addition to the fines, additional sanctions may be imposed for the temporary closure of premises, suspension of the exercise of commercial activity, confiscation of animals and temporary prohibition of the possession of animals.

Minor Non-compliance

Punishable from 75 to 500 euros are the following:

  • Failure to obtain the necessary authorizations, permits or licenses, in each case, to be in possession of the animal in question.
  • The disturbance on the part of the animals of the tranquility and the rest of the neighbors.
  • The not immediate collection of excrements evacuated by the pet on public roads.
  • Carry dogs in public spaces not held by a leash or provided with the corresponding identification.
  • Carry in public spaces dogs of more than 20 kilos without muzzle, held by a non-resistant and non-extensible strap and / or driven by a minor.
  • Any action that contradicts the obligations or violates the prohibitions of the Animal Protection Law and is not considered serious or very serious.

translated from Spanish.

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