Take home a shelter dog

All our animals are neutered when they are old enough.

If you cannot visit us during our opening hours in the morning, you can make an appointment for an afternoon visit, via the contact details below. Please email if possible – phone reception can be patchy.

All our animals are fully vaccinated. However young puppies may still be undergoing their initial vaccination program. They will have been thoroughly examined by our vet, and treated for internal and external parasites.The standard treatment for all animals includes: worming, flea & tick treatment, puppy vaccination, 1st adult vaccination, 2nd adult vaccination, blood test for Leishmaniosis, Ehrlichiosis and Babesiosis, Rabies vaccination; and an International travel pet passport. All adult animals are spayed or neutered.

This is an expensive process. On adoption of a dog we ask for a small donation to help offset the costs of the animal’s medical treatment during the time it has stayed with us.

The minimum cost is:

  • Adult dogs are 125€ (90€ + 35€ for Rabies and Passport)
  • Puppies under six months 105€ (70€ + 35€ for Rabies and Passport)
  • The vet charges for a microchip and the registration of this in the new owner’s name.