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One of these cats might be yours

All our cats have been vaccinated. However, kittens may still be undergoing their initial vaccination programme if they are under 4/5 months old.

All our cats have been thoroughly examined by our vet, and treated for internal and external parasites. All adult cats are neutered and generally blood-tested for FIV and FeLV.

This is an expensive process and so we ask for a donation to help offset the costs of the animal’s medical treatment during the time it has stayed with us.


The Minimum cost is generally 60 €

If the cat has also been vaccinated against rabies and is chipped with a passport then we would ask 120 €


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 If the cat is being transported abroad, then these costs will vary, so please email: for more information


If you need help with feral colonies, or rescue with a view to transport to the UK via one of our approved vets, we can help with reduced neutering costs. In some instances, we can help with vaccination costs also.


Ready to adopt? Please complete our adoption form: