Eline does it again!

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(photos by Lina Forslund Löfgren)

paw At this time last year Eline Donders, one of our indefatigable Dutch caravan volunteers, raised €530 for PAWS by doing a sponsored walk - before she even arrived on her fist visit to the shelter. Well ... she's done it again!

She raised €455 from a similar sponsored walk, and donated it particularly to care for the seven puppies who were recently dumped and brought into the shelter. Eline is here with a friend and will be staying for two weeks. You can read the original story below the pictures.

eline donation
Eline with joint shelter managers Didi Arias (left) and Yvone Tromp. And on the right with one of the puppies for whom she was raising money.
(photos by Lina Forslund Löfgren)
Eline & J-pup

paw Eline Donders is a young social worker in the small Dutch town of Reithoven, just south of Eindhoven. She has a stressful job, working in a Citizens Advice Centre dealing with difficutl problems (and sometimes difficult people). She needed a break, some sunshine, a change of scene.

Eline loves animals, and has a Chihuahua - she has only a small apartment. She had studied and qualified to be a veterinary assistant before switching to be a social worker. So one evening she and a friend Googled Animal Rescue Shelters in Spain, and came up with PAWS. They booked in with PAWS then volunteer co-ordinator Yvonne Tromp for a three-week stay in one of the shelter's mobile homes.

But spending her holiday working hard at the shelter wasn't enough for Eline. She decided to organise a sponsored dog walk in aid of PAWS before coming here. She hoped the event would raise €150-200.

It raised €530 - just at the time when PAWS was in most urgent need of funds from anywhere it could find them!

Five days after arriving in Spain Eline was able to present the money in person to a delighted PAWS Treasurer, Janet Franklin


Eline Donders presenting €530 to PAWS treasurer Janet Franklin and Austin (still looking for a home - which he has now found!)

Afterwards Janet responded: "I never stop being amazed at the dedication of our young volunteers. The money is desperately needed, but more than that at a critical time for PAWS' future acts like this give us hope. There are so many people out there who really care, and who want PAWS to survive."

And for Eline, how does cleaning out dog kennels compare with the stress of solving people's problems? "I'm really enjoying it here. Sometimes working with dogs is more rewarding than working with people. You get more warmth and appreciation - even though they can't speak!


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