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Every week we want to introduce one of our fantastic volunteers
Meet Sam!
"Hello, I’m Sam I’m 55 & I live in Mojacar. I’ve always been an animal-lover & have an affinity for cats, so when PAWS-PATAS opened their cattery in 2007 I was delighted to join the team as the idea of spending a morning surrounded by felines was my idea of paradise!
Over the past 16 years we have helped well over a thousand cats find their forever homes here in Spain, the UK and Holland. It gives us such pleasure seeing photos of ‘our’ babies with their new families, happy tears are often shed 😊
If you’ve considered volunteering at the cattery but are worried that seeing the cats shut up in pens would be too distressing, please think again as our cattery environment is actually quite cosy. Once the chores are done, our favourite thing is to sit on a comfy sofa with cats snuggled up on our laps, or waving wands to try and tire out the younger kittens who are far too busy for cuddles.
Go on, give volunteering a try ~ not only will it make a huge difference to the cats & dogs at the shelter, but it also gives us humans the opportunity to meet new people with a common interest & get great satisfaction from seeing those lovely animals go to their forever homes."
For more information, please email [email protected] or [email protected]🐾 or have a look on our website

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