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Every week we want to introduce one of our fantastic volunteers
Meet Clodagh!
"I have just counted the dogs I have had over last 64 years and make it 19 - all were pedigrees, giant, medium and small, apart from my last two dogs, who I adopted from Paws. One,  little Chico, who is a delight in every way and one large, Winter, who is equally loving and adorable.
So I think you could say that I am a doggy person and the great thing about volunteering at Paws is that you are surrounded by like-minded people who quickly become friends.
The dogs are amazing, especially since many of them have had a bad start to life. They respond to the care and love which they get from the volunteers and really flourish and come out of their shells. Although it is sad to say goodbye, it is a wonderful feeling when a dog (or cat) is adopted into a loving home and a happy life stretches ahead.
No more pedigrees for me (although all of them were and are loved hugely) - adopting a rescue dog and seeing them enjoy life is immensely rewarding. Come to Paws and see for yourself!
Would you like to help us as well? Have a look on our website and read all about it. Hopefully we will see you soon!

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