Carla's Story

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We have commented many times on the cruelty meted out to animals by owners who seem not to care.  This story shows, once again, how distressing these incidents can be – and how wonderful it is that there are some people who do care and don’t give up until they have solved a problem.
Amparo, one of our foster carers (who we featured in a recent newsletter) was filling up her car in a service station when she noticed a vehicle with a blown-out tyre nearby.  She saw there was a dog inside,  and presumed the owner  must  be  around  seeking  help.   She  asked  in  the  service  station  if  they  knew  anything  about the  vehicle  or  the  owner,  but  they  said  they  did  not.  She  returned  later the  same  day  to  find  the vehicle still there, and the dog still inside.
The  following  day  she  went  back  again  and  still  the  car  and  the  dog  were there.   The  incident  was then  reported  to  the  authorities:  four  days  later,  permission  was  given  for  the  car  to  be  opened. Whilst everyone around feared the dog would attack on being released, Amparo had no hesitation in offering  quiet  words  and  a  gentle  hand:  in  return  she  received  a  big  lick  from  the  poor  dog  (since named Carla) as she came out of the  car.  She was very thin with her ribs showing – and also very heavily  pregnant.    A  local  vet  took  a  look  at  her  and  advised  that  the birth  of  the  puppies  was imminent.  Within two days of rescue she gave birth to two healthy puppies.
Resulting  from  the  abandonment  of  an  animal,  maltreatment,  and  no  microchip  or  proof  of ownership, the authorities were obliged to concede her to the care of an authorised Protectora: with Amparo’s loving attention, we are pleased to report that both mother and puppies are thriving. She is  now  under  the  care  and  auspices  of  PAWS-PATAS  and,  with  luck,  a  new home  will  be  found  for both the very loving and affectionate Carla and her beautiful puppies.
Without  people  like  Amparo  around,  the  outcome  for  Carla  and  others  like  her  would  have  been unthinkable. Thank goodness there are still many who care, and care deeply, for our animal friends.

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