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“It’s been almost 2 years since the animal charity PAWS-PATAS has been able to organise any grand fundraising events, so with additional income from individual ideas, the extra money has been an absolute treasure for the charity” explains President, Vicky Hall. “And with monthly outgoings now exceeding 10,000 euros because of the huge amount of kittens, cats, puppies and dogs being abandoned at our shelter’s a MASSIVE THANK YOU to Nancy, Richard and Jay, the owners of Valery Bar and Restaurant in Mojácar for donating 220 euros” added Vicky.

They decided to hold a special raffle before the European Cup Final with just one special prize on offer...a genuine England Football Shirt. Within 2 hours prior to the match; selling tickets for 2€ each they managed to raise a whopping 440 euros which they decided to donate to local charities...PAWS-PATAS being one of them.

Fate is a mysterious part of our lives and the awakening of Valery is quite special. After extreme and major renovation, Valery opened its doors again this March; having been closed for 2 years and the new owners decided to keep the original name. One of the owners, Nancy lived in this area from a young age until her late teens and then returned with her family to England. After meeting husband Richard and having 2 children, they returned for a family holiday and decided to stay, much to Nancy’s delight. The other partner Jay, came to Spain 17 years ago with his family and it was when Nancy and Richard hired a car from his father’s company 7 years ago that a strong relationship grew between the 2 families. Whilst Jay ran the Emerald Isle pub for the past 4 years, Nancy and Richard continued their search for the right establishment and location. And when they found it, asked Jay to become part of their future plans and business.

Since opening their doors almost 5 months ago, Valery has become one of the most sought after venues in Mojácar Playa. The grand restoration includes 18 screens featuring sport and music, 3 pool tables, darts and a games machine. Apart from catering for a 130 capacity with breakfast, tapas and good quality varied snack food, they also offer a unique cocktail bar and ice cream and cake parlour. Live music is on offer 6 nights per week and with 11 staff, Nancy, Richard and Jay run a very tight, organised, friendly and efficient enterprise every day of the week. Their distinctive ornate angel wings, created by local graphic designer Leon are constantly featured in customer’s photos. Nancy, who recently adopted a cat from the PAWS-PATAS shelter says “there are more plans on the horizon to support the local charities, it really is so nice to be in a position to help”

Chrissie Cremore (Acting Vice President), who gratefully received the donation said “what would we do without all the special angels who continue to support us. Be it quizzes, hair shaving, walking a million steps, people’s generosity is so heart warming and so gratefully appreciated. This money will go towards much needed kennel renovation for cats and dogs. We desperately need more secure holding pens”. “If someone is wondering what they can do to raise funds for us - what about cooking slowly in a bath of baked beans on the beach...very safe and you could get a great permanent colour” laughs Chrissie.

For cats - email: / dogs -

For abused/abandoned animals, please contact your local police.

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