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Animal hero

PAWS-PATAS is an Animal rescue centre in southern Spain in the area of ​​Mojácar where dogs and cats can find a safe shelter. “It is a shelter where animals are not put to sleep no matter how long they stay with us,” says kennel manager Vanessa Maipauw. “We do, however, have all animals sterilised or neutered when they are old enough.” Every year PAWS-PATAS relocates around 250 dogs and 60 cats to different European countries. The organisation is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. “I have been involved with Paws for three years. I have been working with animals for a long time because I had my own dog grooming salon in the Netherlands. But when my husband and I emigrated to Spain, I wanted to do something with animals again. And that’s how I ended up at Paws.
We are doing a great job here, because some animals are incredibly bad. Sometimes severely emaciated, neglected or abused … Really, your heart breaks occasionally. But what always keeps me going is that you can make a difference. That they will have a future again. That makes Vanessa very happy. “

Vanessa herself has three dogs. “I brought the first one from the Netherlands. Later I took one from a litter of ten here from the shelter. I found the last one on the street last year when he was only four weeks old” Translated from dend.nl November 2019

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