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PAWS-PATAS Animal Shelter Review
I spent a short 3 weeks at PAWS shelter in March 2017, and I can confidently say it was the best 3 weeks I’ve had in a long time. It is immediately clear how much the staff care for the dogs and their well-being, and this rubs off on everyone around them. Despite having far fewer resources than they would like, and being heavily underfunded, the PAWS management somehow keep everything running smoothly, and most importantly – keep the dogs and cats happy!
After the slight initial adjustment to the small living quarters and limited wifi access (they are working on improvement), all that actually mattered were the dogs and the lovely people I was surrounded by. Every single member of staff and volunteer was welcoming and made the work very enjoyable. It can be repetitive and a little demanding, lots of cleaning and letting boisterous puppies in and out to play, but working with the sweet-natured dogs makes it all worth it! It’s clichéd but true: helping out at PAWS gives you a sense of purpose that makes you wake up looking forward to the day and go to bed satisfied.
If you are prepared to be a little flexible, work hard and come with a positive attitude, I’m sure you will not only have a fantastic experience, but will also truly be helping out these dogs in need.

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