New PAWS Sponsor BSS Makes "Free Food" a Reality!

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bss unloaded
Just part of the food donated by MedicAnimal and brought back to Spain free of charge by BSS, unloaded at the shelter

paw The second instalment - more than 1800 kilos - of good quality free food donated by MedicAnimal arrived back from Holland in the final week of March, courtesy of BSS Horse Transports. By offering PAWS free transport of very large consignments of food (much more than PAWS own transport van can accommodate) BSS is saving us the considerable cost of a commercial transport operation.

BSS Horse Transports is a Dutch Company with a Spanish branch in Albacete. It specializes in transporting horses all over the world. The fleet is modern and impressive in terms of performance, safety and comfort for the animals. PAWS Dutch Director Renée Fortuin had used them previously a few times to transport her own horses - and when she returned to ask if they could help PAWS out - she found their efficiency matched by an equal generosity.

bss logo

paw The food is transferred in relays from MedicAnimal's Dutch warehouse the 250 km round trip to the BSS depot by PAWS volunteer drivers in Holland. It is stored there until a BSS horse transporter becomes available with space to bring it the remaining 2,000 km back to Spain.

The lorry was heavily delayed and didn't arrive at the rendezvous point at Puerto Lumbreras service station until 3.30 AM - but nevertheless a team of PAWS volunteers led by shelter manager Yvonne was waiting to transfer the donated food to the two PAWS vans. After everything was loaded the PAWS vans disappeared south into the night, 1800 kg of food richer.

bss unloading 2

Special thanks at the Dutch end to volunteers Nicole Visscher and Jan de Krey ... and in Spain to Pablo, Driss and Henk for their unexpected "night shift." But most of all thanks to BSS for ensuring that MedicAnimal's large donation really was "free food." We hope to get through 2015 (and perhaps beyond) without having to spend a single euro on animal food for the shelter.


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