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Welcome to PAWS-Patas - Animal Rescue in Spain

PAWS is located in the Mojácar-Los Gallardos area of Almeria province, in south-east Spain. It was formally registered as a Spanish charity in 1996, and was an International Associate of the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (UK) until the scheme was discontinued.

PAWS mission is:

  • To help reduce the number of stray and abandoned animals in the area by sheltering them, and trying to find them permanent homes.
  • To reduce dog and cat overpopulation through neutering.
  • To increase public awareness with regard to these and other animal welfare issues.

PAWS assists as many stray, abandoned and unwanted animals in our immediate area as resources allow. We endeavour not to have to sacrifice any animal in our care that is medically and behaviourally sound and our end goal is to put them into permanent, adoptive homes. PAWS (sadly) recognizes that we will not be able to help every single animal in need and we hope that the public can understand the problems that we face.

Apart from the part-time shelter managers on minimum wage, PAWS is entirely run by volunteers. Less than 1% of our necessary funding is from a statutory source - we depend entirely on voluntary subscriptions/donations for the rest. We know we can’t remove the problem. But with your help – wherever you are - we can relieve a lot of unnecessary suffering. Thank You.

logo Please visit the different areas of our website: the Rescue Shelter, our Shop, the adoption database with pictures and profiles of all the dogs and cats who need proper homes and people to look after them, and all the different ways that you can get involved with PAWS - whether by joining, volunteering, adopting an animal or helping to participate in fundraising events. These are all available through the links above.

See latest updates on our news and events pages -

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paw If anyone wants to see for themselves the extent or the efficiency of our efforts, they are welcome to contact us via, make an appointment and have a tour of the shelter - or to discuss any other part of the PAWS operation.. We have nothing to hide. 

An Animal Protection Society is not just "a good cause." It is not just a desirable thing on ideological, humanitarian grounds. It is an environmental necessity in the societies in which we live. Packs of dogs running wild on the streets and tribes of feral cats - all of them continuing to breed if unsupervised - are a menace in any community.

"The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." — Mahatma Gandhi

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PAWS Annual Newsletter (2013)

A round-up of news from every part of PAWS

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Xlogo Animals of the Month

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40 puppies

That is the unbelievable number of puppies dumped at the PAWS shelter in the past six weeks. They are a variety of breeds, colours shapes and sizes – the photos here are just a sample. Both the shelter accommodation and our foster homes are overflowing with them. 

PAWS simply cannot continue to take an endless supply of unwanted puppies, largely BECAUSE DOG OWNERS ARE TOO IRRESPONSIBLE TO HAVE THEIR ANIMALS NEUTERED. The closure of the Reddingsboei shelter in Holland has deprived us of our main outlet for transporting puppies to new homes outside Spain. We urgently need to find local homes for the majority of these animals, although that will prove very difficult.

Keeping puppies in a shelter environment until they are adults is not very beneficial for their development, besides the fact that we have neither the space nor the money to do so. So we need the public’s help more than ever. Please spread the word among your own circles. Or if you would like to adopt any of them please contact: or go go to our shelter page here.



Emilio is now a year old and has been at the cattery since the summer. He was rescued by a Spanish family who live on the outskirts of Mojacar village as they were feeding his mum. But they could not keep him and appealed to PAWS for help.  

Being a white cat he needs special care in the sun. He's a playful, cheeky boy and gets along well with his cattery mates but would thrive in a loving home environment.

If you would like to adopt Emilio email or call Diane on 950 617 643 or Sam on 627 835 109

To adopt any PAWS dog, click here - to adopt a PAWS cat, click here


Fay's Story

paw Daisy spent 10 weeks with PAWS as a shelter volunteer in 2006. This is her tribute to the PAWS dog Ani - now re-named Fay - which she adopted in March 2013.

You can see the video of Aragorn, the first dog Daisy adopted from PAWS in 2006 - click here


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